Sep 30, 2022

eCash Monthly Recap - September 2022
eCash Monthly Recap - September 2022
eCash Monthly Recap - September 2022

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eCash Monthly Recap - September 2022

September was a phenomenal month where we were able to achieve huge milestones!

Did you miss any of the updates?

Let’s take you through a recap! 

Key Highlights - Cashtab Wallet

Chronik implementation milestones:

UTXO handling migration to Chronik (completed)

Transaction history via Chronik (50% complete)

UX Improvements:

Real-time user update notifications

New hamburger menu

Key Highlights - Bitcoin ABC Node Software

Bitcoin ABC releases versions 0.26.0 introducing Avalanche Post-Consensus — bringing 1-block finality and 51% attack prevention to eCash!

Bitcoin ABC releases versions 0.26.1 & 0.26.2 bringing several RPC and logging improvements and new RPCs allowing node operators easily query if a transaction/block is finalized by Avalanche voting.

‍ eCash JSON-RPC Libary for developers by eCash dev @pungentaura

This library serves as a tiny layer between an application and an eCash node daemon.



Key Highlights - Electrum ABC Wallet

Electrum ABC 5.1.5 is released bringing improvements to the Avalanche Proof Editor tool, minor bug fixes, and making the default block explorer.

Key Highlights - Avalanche on eCash

⚙️ On Sep 14th at 12:00 UTC, Avalanche Post-Consensus went live on eCash Mainnet!

eCash Avalanche Staking Tutorial

Avalanche Post-Consensus on eCash - Benefits for Miners, Exchanges, and Everyday People

eCash Avalanche Node Setup Part 1: Learn How to Setup a VPS eCash Node 

eCash Avalanche Node Setup Part 2: Learn How to Stake your XEC Coins by Creating an Avalanche Stake Proof & Configuring your Node to Use it:

eCash Avalanche Network Overview

Total Staked: 84.3B XEC

Number of Nodes: 38

Number of Peers: 22

Key Highlights - News/Media

eCash founder Amaury Séchet & eCash dev Antony Zegers joined Hayden Otto to discuss Avalanche Post-Consensus on eCash!

이캐시, 오는 14일 아발란체 메인넷 도입


Key Highlights - Community & Milestones

We officially kicked off the Contribution Rewards Program, welcoming everyone to contribute and win from our 100M XEC reward pool.

eCash hits 6K+ members milestone on r/eCash!

Towards October

What a month it's been for eCash!

We'd like to thank the eCash community for all their support! Building continues, much more to come in October. Stay tuned!

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