Apr 30, 2023

eCash Monthly Recap - April 2023
eCash Monthly Recap - April 2023
eCash Monthly Recap - April 2023

eCash Monthly Recap - April 2023

April was a MASSIVE month for the eCash ecosystem!

1 new exchange listing, 2 new wallet integrations, 2 exchanges supporting the eCash address format, and more!

Did you miss any of the updates?

Let’s take you through a recap!

Key Highlights - Cashtab Wallet


Bitgojs library implementation

Support for longer Cashtab messages

Key Highlights - Bitcoin ABC Node Software


@Bitcoin_ABC releases versions 0.27.2 and 0.27.3, bringing a new Avalanche-related RPC field, bug fixes and various under-the-hood improvements.



Key Highlights - eCash Network Upgrade


On May 15th, 2023, the eCash network will undergo an upgrade on its regular 6-month schedule.

If you're running an eCash node make sure to upgrade to the latest version (0.27.x) before May 15th.



Key Highlights - Avalanche on eCash


The backports of all 'Mempool-related improvements done in Bitcoin Core' are completed

The dev team is now working to improve the Mempool structures

Learn more: https://e.cash/blog/avalanche-pre-consensus-development-sneak-peek-march-2023 


eCash Avalanche Network Overview

Total Staked: 74.5B XEC

Number of Nodes: 33

Number of Peers: 22


Key Highlights - News/Media

SuperEx exchange listed eCash (XEC)!


OKX exchange added support for the eCash address format.

Arctic Walet integrated eCash (XEC)!


Gate.io exchange added support for the eCash address format and reduced eCash withdrawal fees to just 6 XEC!

Unstoppable Wallet integrated eCash (XEC)!


Key Highlights - Community & Milestones

eCash's new CMC community reached 20K+ followers!


SuperEx X eCash AMA


That's a wrap on our monthly recap!

#eCashArmy, don't forget to follow and join our official social media accounts and community groups for more updates!


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