Mar 31, 2023

eCash Monthly Recap - March 2023
eCash Monthly Recap - March 2023
eCash Monthly Recap - March 2023

eCash Monthly Recap - March 2023

As we are on the edge of a new month, it's time for our monthly recap to keep you in the loop on all the latest eCash developments and news!

Here's a quick recap of everything that went down in March!

Key Highlights - Cashtab Wallet

eCash Herald: A new Telegram channel that publishes the eCash Blockchain updates in real-time, developed by the Cashtab team.

➡️ Subscribe here: 

Cashtab wallet’s 'eCash address alias' feature is in live beta testing.

ecashaddrjs (the eCash address format for Node.js and web browsers) library was upgraded and added to the @Bitcoin_ABC Monorepo. 

Key Highlights - Bitcoin ABC Node Software

@Bitcoin_ABC releases versions 0.27.0 & 0.27.1, implementing the May 15th, 2023 eCash network upgrade and bringing minor fixes and improvements.


Key Highlights - eCash Network Upgrade

⚙️ The eCash network May 15th, 2023 upgrade was announced. Anyone running a Bitcoin ABC node is required to upgrade to the latest major version (0.27.x) before May 15th!


eCash Avalanche Network Overview

Total Staked: 74.5B XEC

Number of Nodes: 34

Number of Peers: 22


Key Highlights - Community & Milestones

eCash's new CMC community surpassed 15K followers!

eCash's official Facebook community reached 5K+ members!

#eCashArmy finished in 3rd place in the Crypto World Cup event organized by @UltimateCrypto7 🫡

That's a wrap on our monthly recap!

#eCashArmy, don't forget to follow and join our official social media accounts and community groups for more updates!

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