April 26, 2022

How Chronik Indexer Improves Cashtab Wallet


eCash's GNC recently funded the Chronik Indexer project which will massively improve our existing products.

The Cashtab development team has started the implementation of Chronik Indexer. Here's how Chronik Indexer will improve Cashtab wallet:

1️. Instant Notifications 🔔

Currently, transaction notifications are often delayed by many seconds, causing users to worry they sent them to the wrong address. Switching to Chronik will allow instant transaction notifications through its WebSocket interface.

Combined with the messaging features of Cashtab wallet, Chronik will open a whole new avenue of real-time interactions that were previously infeasible. 📨

2. Transaction History 📒🔍

At the moment, transaction history in CashTab is limited to 5 entries; users often have to go to the explorer to view their entire transaction history, which hides attached messages.

The limit in transactions on Cashtab is due to the difficult pagination of the current indexers, and the potentially-large number of transactions that could limit performance.

Chronik has built-in pagination that is simple to use in reverse chronological order. That will allow users to browse their entire transaction history, without taking up much bandwidth.

3. Efficient All-in-One Backend ⚙️🧑💻

Cashtab currently uses two separate indexers for transactions, Fulcrum for all transactions, and SLPDB for checking SLP transactions. This is very hard to maintain. For instance: sometimes timing issues between both indexers require a number of crutches to make it work reliably.

With Chronik, all of that is gone, and Cashtab will use one backend, which would stay consistent with itself, by design. In addition, Chronik is designed to be forward-looking & upgradable. 🔭

It allows for a faster, cheaper, & more reliable eCash development & indexing experience. ⚡️