Oct 31, 2022

eCash Monthly Recap - October 2022
eCash Monthly Recap - October 2022
eCash Monthly Recap - October 2022

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eCash Monthly Recap - October 2022

We’re back with another monthly recap!

In October we've accomplished a lot and before we move on, let's have a quick look at all that went down in this exciting month!

Key Highlights - Cashtab Wallet

Chronik implementation for transaction history has been completed

Cashtab now shows all incoming/outgoing airdrop txs as 'Airdrop' in the txs history

Equal distribution ratio for Airdrops feature was introduced

Key Highlights - Bitcoin ABC Node Software

Bitcoin ABC releases version 0.26.3 bringing several RPC & P2P/network improvements & a new RPC command for retrieving Avalanche proof IDs.

Bitcoin ABC releases version 0.26.4 bringing P2P /network improvements, enabling the node to connect to peers listening on non-default ports more easily.

The Bitcoin ABC eCash node software & wallet are now available as a package for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS too. ‍ 


All Bitcoin ABC node operators are required to update to version 0.26.x or higher before November 15th in order to remain in sync with the eCash network. 


eCash Avalanche Network Overview

Total Staked: 86.7B XEC 

Number of Nodes: 43

Number of Peers: 26


Key Highlights - News/Media

eCash founder Amaury Séchet, discussed the PayPal "fining" policy and blockchain decentralization on Channels Television.


Episode 5 of the Why Crypto series is out!


Instant swap exchange Lets Exchange listed eCash (XEC)!


Key Highlights - Community & Milestones

Creative artists that have participated in the GNC funded 100M XEC Contribution Rewards program were rewarded for their valuable contributions for the month of Sept!


eCash hits 5K+ followers on Facebook

eCash Army supports eCash in the Binance Community Showdown - #BinanceXEC

Towards November

October was a productive month, with lots of good news and advancements. November will be even better!​

As always building continues...

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