November 21, 2022

Is the crypto space really learning a lesson? | SUPER EXCITED w/Stefan Rust


Amaury Séchet made his first big splash in cryptoland as a lead developer on Bitcoin Cash, and then as a lead on Bitcoin ABC which morphed into Ecash, his current project. Realizing the vision of the legendary Milton Friedman, eCash is taking financial freedom to a level never before seen. With eCash, sending money is now as simple as sending an email.

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00:00 Introductions

01:00 eCash & Bitcoin Cash BCH

5:40 AVAX & Consensus Algorithm

09:20 p2p Electronic Cash

11:05 Incentive Developers

14:20 BCH Ecosystem Issues

17:15 Future of eCash & Nakamoto Consensus

22:40 Developer Funds & Indexing Transactions

27:15 DeFi & Financial Innovation

32:00 Potential with EVMs

33:20 Staking & Dangers of High Yield

36:06 Lack of Financial Education

41:10 DeFi doesn't need Tradfi

45:20 Tornado Cash, Privacy & Transparency in Crypto

54:50 Hacking Improving Code

56:30 Governments Scared of Crypto & CBDC

59:30 Governments Just Want to Protect Us

01:03:00 More Pain & Regulations Coming

01:05:50 Building in Bear Markets

01:09:00 Learn to USE Crypto & DeFi

01:11:30 Still Early in Crypto

01:13:00 Always DYOR

01:16:20 Conclusion