May 31, 2023

eCash Monthly Recap - May 2023
eCash Monthly Recap - May 2023
eCash Monthly Recap - May 2023

eCash Monthly Recap - May 2023

With a new month on the horizon, it's time for our Monthly Recap to keep you in the loop with all that's been happening in the eCash ecosystem!

Let’s recap!

Key Highlights - Cashtab Wallet

The Alias specification has been enhanced to support the registration of third-party addresses

⚙️ Necessary specification improvements implemented in Alias-server and Cashtab wallet

Key Highlights - Bitcoin ABC Node Software

Bitcoin ABC releases versions 0.27.4, 0.27.5, and 0.27.6 bringing RPC changes, improvements, and adding a checkpoint after the May 15th, 2023 network upgrade. 

Chronik development is 70% complete, with integration into the Bitcoin ABC node and essential components like resync handling and query management in place.

Learn more: Chronik Indexer Development Sneak Peek

Key Highlights - eCash Network Upgrade

The planned network upgrade for May 15th was successfully completed! 

If you forgot to upgrade & are still running version 0.26.x, you can use the 0.27.5 release to get back to the correct chain.

eCash Avalanche Network Overview‍

Total Staked: 74.9B XEC

Number of Nodes: 30

Number of Peers: 19

Key Highlights - News/Media exchange announced support for the eCash network upgrade! 

Stack Wallet integrated eCash (XEC), introducing our cute eChan mascot!

Find her on 

Key Highlights - Community & Milestones

eCash's CMC community reached 25K+ followers! 

@eCashCommunityOORAH Medal Airdrop 🪂

eCash Translation & Reviews Program contributors were rewarded for their contributions!

That's a wrap on our monthly recap!

eCash Army, don't forget to follow and join our official social media accounts and community groups for more updates!

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