May 31, 2022

eCash's GNC Funds PayButton Project - Paving the Way to Mainstream eCash Adoption for Commerce


Earlier this month, the eCash GNC approved funding for bringing PayButton to eCash. PayButton is a free and open-source way to accept crypto on the web. In line with the eCash mission, PayButton will help make it easier and more convenient to do commerce over the internet using eCash.

PayButton consists of two separate components:

- PayButton

- PayButton-Server

PayButton is the actual button that people will interact with. PayButton-Server is what each button communicates with to verify payments.

A key benefit of PayButton is that it’s extremely easy to begin using, while still allowing individuals and businesses to take advantage of more advanced features as they need them.

The funding approved by the GNC will be used to both bring PayButton to eCash as well as expand on PayButton-Server to allow businesses to manage their buttons and view their payments just like is possible on more traditional platforms.

The PayButton team knows how important it is that people actually use their coins rather than simply hodling and hoping for adoption to happen on its own. PayButton will be one more tool in our effort to onboard new investors and businesses into the space.